Hair Extensions

babe premium hair extensionsCortney is pleased and proud to be one of Babe Premium Hair Extensions’ certified hair extension artists!

Although Cortney has been doing hair extensions for years, she was never happy any of the previous methods she had been using; the hair was too heavy/uncomfortable, the connection point wasn’t durable, the connection method was damaging to the client’s hair, the additional hair didn’t move like the client’s natural hair, the cost was extremely prohibitive, etc.  After much searching and research, Cortney discovered Babe’s Premium 100% Human Hair Extensions and their revolutionary installation method — and became a BABE CERTIFIED hairdresser! Her work has even been featured on the Babe’s Beauty Blog!

So what is the difference between Babe Premium Hair Extensions and everything else that’s out there?

  • Babe Premium Hair Extensions applications last from 2-3 months with proper care.  Babe wefts are created to be durable, meaning wefts can be reused at least 3 times — which means that one purchase often provides clients with over 12 months of hair!
  • Babe Premium Hair Extensions are absolutely 100% real human hair, which means they withstand daily blow dries,  flat ironing, and/or curling.  They feel and look exactly like real hair because they are real hair!
  • Because Babe wefts are created with shorter connecting widths, wefts move organically with the client’s existing hair, creating  seamless and natural movement and look.
  • The Babe tape-in method creates both length and volume in record time.  Fewer packages are required to achieve the look, but the maintenance appointments are typically scheduled for every 4-5 weeks.
  • The medical-grade adhesive used with the tape-in method is designed specifically for hair.  It is incredibly durable, does not weaken over time, and was designed to be non-damaging to existing hair during both daily wear as well as removal.
  • The Babe flat i-tip method allows for 360-degree natural movement and are the most comfortable and least-detectable extension.  More packages are required to achieve the look, however maintenance appointments are typically scheduled for every 8-10 weeks.
  • Babe Premium Hair Extensions can be used on clients who have either thin/fine OR thick hair — this can’t be said for most other extension lines.
  • Babe Premium Tape-In Hair Extensions come in 29 shades and two different lengths (18″ & 22″).  Babe Premium Flat I-Tip Hair Extensions come in 18 shades in the 22″ length.  But if any of those shades aren’t the perfect match, Babe Premium Hair Extensions can be colored to your specific tone because they are 100% real human hair.  Cortney’s custom color work has even been featured in Babe’s Blog!
  • Babe Hair Extensions are perfect for clients who like to frequently change their look.  Choose your current tone to perfectly blend into existing hair color, try out today’s hottest ombre trend by selecting a lighter/darker shade, or go for high-impact color with Babe’s fashion colors.  Each of these looks are possible — and are 100% non-damaging to existing hair — in just one short visit to the salon.
  • Be sure to check out the gallery page for additional examples of Cortney’s work with Babe Premium Hair Extensions.
  • Curious about what Babe Premium Hair Extensions can do for you?  Email, call, or text Cortney to start the conversation today!
Scheduling a complimentary appointment for your hair extensions is an absolute necessity!  
During that appointment, you will:
  • Discuss your goal for the overall look
  • Be matched with the appropriate extension method based upon lifestyle and styling preferences
  • Be matched with your extension color(s)
  • Be given a price quote for the length and amount of hair you will need to achieve your look
  • Discuss the instillation/removal/re-installation process and schedule, and be given a price quote for those appointments
  • Discuss aftercare and the appropriate products needed to ensure your extensions last up to 6 months per installation
  • At the end of your consultation, you and Cortney can schedule the installation appointment — which could be as soon a just a couple of days!

Please be aware that payment will need to be collected in order for your hair to be ordered, and that all hair purchases are non-refundable

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