Keratin Services

Keratin Treatments have proven that they are no longer a trend — they are here to STAY!  Cortney has been offering a variety of in-salon keratin treatments since 2010, and has been thrilled with the results that Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment has been consistently delivering to her clients year after year after year!

How does Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment work?

  • Keratin is the primary protein in human hair (about 80%).
  • As we age, we produce less keratin within the hair strand, creating essentially “swiss cheese holes” in the cuticle (outermost) layer of the hair shaft.   
  • Add in coloring, blow drying, heat styling, and hard water, and hair becomes fragile, frizzy, brittle, and generally more unruly.
  • Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is liquid keratin that is applied and heat-sealed to the hair.
  • It fills in these “holes” making the hair cuticle lay flat.  A sealed cuticle will prevent artificial color from fading, eliminate frizz, and reduce all blow dry/heat styling time by 80%.
  • Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment is NOT a permanent straightening service!   It is perfect for those who have and like to wear their natural texture (curls) or for those who like the versatility of wearing their hair both curly or straight.  Whatever your natural texture, Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment will dramatically reduce frizz and leave the hair silky and soft.
  • Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment can be done as a stand-alone service or added on same-day to a color service.  The in-salon time commitment is one hour for a stand alone service or 20 minutes to a color service.
  • Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment lasts approximately six weeks (or longer due to shampoo frequency) and can be done at every appointment.  Frequent and repeated treatments will help permanently reverse long-term damage.
  • A salon-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner (of your choice) is the recommended home after care, and waiting to shampoo the hair 48 hours after the salon visit is strongly advised.

Check out some of these Keratin Express results, straight from Cortney’s chair.


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