Olaplex is the newest and most exciting hair-industry technology that’s appeared in decades!  You may have heard about it online, from celebrity stylists on Facebook or Instagram, from celebrities interviews in Elle/Marie Claire/Cosmopolitain magazines, or maybe you have a friend or family member that’s personally experienced it.

 Cortney is pleased to be one of the few Olaplex Certified Stylists in the Salem, Oregon area.


Olaplex is a a complete game-changer, and will allow stylists more creative freedom by protecting your hair throughout any chemical process.  It is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes, parabens, gluten, and cruelty towards animals.  Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.  These bonds break when exposed to chemicals in color, from heat, and mechanical force such as combing wet hair.  What this means for the client is stronger, softer, shinier hair even AFTER chemical processes!  It will also allow clients to make radical changes to their hair that previously would not have been possible due to the extreme risk of melting or breaking the hair.

Olaplex can be an add-on for ANY chemical service (coloring, lightening, perming, chemical straightening) and pairs extremely well with the Keratin Express Brazilian Smoothing Treatment.  Olaplex is also a fantastic stand-alone service in order to repair hair, or to soften coarse silver hair.

Take a look at some of these amazing Olaplex photos, directly from Cortney’s chair!

cort olapex

Cortney decided to try is first on herself as a stand-alone treatment.  Both before and after photos are clean and product-free, with styled with only a blow-drier and brush.  Her dry, damage, frizzy, over-processed hair became smooth, shiny, and strong!

Angel olaplex

Cortney  used Olaplex in Angel’s color formula, and look at the quality of her hair in from the before to the after pic!  Angel didn’t even need a trim after that color – Olapex 100% repaired those dry ends!


Blonding can be a journey, and Juile’s pics are a great example of that process. Top left was her grown out full weave from July, center was her solid color with Olaplex from September, and bottom right was her Princess Elsa-inspired frosty platinum (also not possible without Olaplex) from November. Going platinum can take time, but when the results are there (and they hair is still healthy), it’s well worth the wait!



Katy is a great example of how Olaplex is now a necessity for those who wear fashion colors and live life OUT LOUD!  Katy could only have achieved her August pink by lifting out the old brown dye from her hair — typically that would have left her hair over-processed at best and unable to hold the pink pigment, but most likely it would have been damaged beyond repair.  Olaplex, instead, protected her hair from the bleaching process, strengthened any past damage, and added amazing softness and shine.  10 weeks later Katy wanted to switch from her pink palette to blues and purples, which also required another session of Olaplex-infused bleaching.  Re-bleaching previously bleached hair is an absolute hairdresser no-no,  but thanks to Olaplex the unachievable can now be fearlessly achieved, and with such amazing and gorgeous results!


Lauren’s switch from an old Splat! home job to a salon-created mermaid palette was thanks in large part to Olaplex.  The hair is so much more shiny, strong, and supple AFTER the intense chemical processes.


Kristine received  Olaplex-infused colors to help her transition from an old foil-highlight service to a sexy, lower maintenance balayage color.  Kristine’s hair was so damaged from repeated bleaching (from a previous hairdesser) that Olaplex was needed just to chemically treat the hair one more time, as well as to help reverse the past damage.  The smooth and shiny texture of Kristine’s hair is all from Olaplex, believe it or not!


Olaplex does amazing things for hair that is already in great condition, like SherryAnn’s.  Here Olaplex was added to both the lightener and to the glaze to give her violet-red balayage added protection, shine, and strength.

Be sure to ask Cortney about Olaplex the next time you’re in!  It may be just be what your hair never knew it needed!